When using Patchwork you are bound by the following terms and conditions.

  • You must follow your organisation's security and consent procedures relating to the use of systems that contain client data

  • You must only access Patchwork on a device provided to you by your organisation, or a device that your organisation has approved for use with Patchwork You must only use Patchwork for its intended purpose as a tool to connect and collaborate around your clients

  • You must not disclose your password to anyone or allow others to access Patchwork with your log-in

  • You must not access Patchwork from an unapproved mobile device

  • You should take reasonable steps to ensure you are not over-looked by others as the information within Patchwork is confidential

  • If you leave your workstation you must lock your computer (often Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and/or mobile device

  • Portable and mobile devices must not be left unattended

  • At the end of the working day or working period, laptops and mobile devices must be stored securely

Adding and removing team members

By adding an agent to one of your client's teams you are giving the agent access to confidential information about the client. This includes the client's personal information and details of other agencies and agents that are working with them.

When you remove an agent from one of your client's teams you stop them from being able to access the client's information when they log in to Patchwork. This means they will no longer be able to see the client's personal information or the agencies and agents working with them.

FutureGov is not responsible for incidents that may occur as a result of non-compliance to these terms and conditions.